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"There are no barriers to her."

- Bastian, Mescaline Injection


The experimental music and art project, Merry Onette, was one born of loss.  It was created by American artist Onette du Joyeux just weeks after the unexpected death of her father, in early May 2011.  It can be said with confidence that this new direction in life would never have happened otherwise or, at the very least, would have been a much different project indeed.

Known for her unusual style of composition, Onette's pieces usually find a balance somewhere between structure and challenging perplexity... often intended to mimic an idea of the world's design. Each song encompasses a particular emotion that required expression during the time of it's recording.


The sound of the Merry Onette project blends a multitude of genres, including; classical, blues, trip-hop, dark wave, noise, tribal house, industrial, chant/spoken word, and ambient electronic.

It's main goal is to not fully commit to one specific genre or idea.  It is experimental in nature, allowing for uninhibited self expression and total creative freedom.

On December 13th, 2014, the debut EP In Concrète Minor was released.  A video for the track "Maelstrom (Overture)" was released to compliment the album. In January 2015, Merry Onette collaborated with Left/Right to release an experimental version of the track "Puzzle".  In April 2015, the track "Lesser-Known Meltdown" was featured in the German publication Mescaline Injection's selection compilation. In December 2015, the music of Merry Onette scored Robin Sandiford's sci-fi short film Apple. A series of limited edition surrealist landscape paintings were released in 2017.  In January 2018, Onette released a drone album under the name Summi Mors titled I, the first of a planned series of five, with the second album currently in the works.  The first full length Merry Onette album is also in production with the date to be announced.

Onette currently resides in Philadelphia; a known recluse by those in her life, with no dates planned for live performance.

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Merry Onette's Debut EP

"In Concrète Minor"

Release Date: December 13, 2014

Label: Sounds Merry

"Pater in Excelsis Cælum" ... Dedicata ad Patrem meum. 



The first release of Onette du Joyeux's project "Merry Onette", as well as, the first in the series of emotive musings.

"Uninhibited... Melancholic... A dark testimony to inner conflict facing unwavering grace narrates Merry Onette's debut EP, In Concrete Minor."

"In Concrète Minor" doesn’t disappoint"

Robin S - Destroy//Exist

"‘Athene Noctua’ wouldn’t be out of place on a score, it slowly burns away there, like it should be in a David Fincher film"
Robin S - Destroy//Exist

"An open-minded drive for open-minded listeners, that's for sure ... it surely applies the term "cross-genre" best. There are no barriers to her."
Bastian - Mescaline Injection

"A whole stack of comparisons that can be understood only as a rough guide - certainly as a hint for the versatility of this EP ... and is one reason that makes this EP so fascinating"
Bastian - Mescaline Injection

Athene Noctua² was used as the score for Robin Sandiford's Sci-Fi Short Film "Apple"


Maelstrom (Overture) Film

Written, arranged, & produced by Onette du Joyeux.

From Merry Onette's In Concrète Minor EP released December 13th, 2014


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